“Success is a moving goal post. You celebrate in those moments and then look at what’s next . . . and how can I do it better than I did before.” – Issa Rae


We are casting for a cosmetic company commercial and looking for SIX female actresses, ONE  male actor, and extras.

*you do not have to be this age to appear as listed*

Taylor -FEMALE –  (late 20s) dark melanin –
loyal, fun, brilliant, and  bold *CASTED*
Shannon – FEMALE –  (late 20’s) Mixed ethnicity -charming, bossy, brave, *CASTED*
Mariah – FEMALE –  (late 20s) – Mixed ethnicity – soft-spoken, sweet, loving, likable *CASTED*
Jestin – MALE –  (mid 20s) Mixed ethnicity – handsome, outgoing, flirtatious *CASTED*
Brittany – FEMALE – (late 20s) Melanin woman –  fun, energetic,
adventurous, confident *CASTED*
LADY – FEMALE –  (early 30s) Melanin woman reactive, uncertain, harsh *CASTED*
Lady #2 – FEMALE – (late 20s) Melanin woman – kind, pleasant, sweet, friendly *CASTED*
BACKGROUND ACTORS- MALE AND FEMALE – (21-30) Mixed Ethnicity- fun, party animals, turnt up *CASTED*

This commercial will highlight the style of lipstick for a cosmetic brand, you must be familiar with makeup.

If you are interested in casting for this production please email casting@thequeennetwork.com with the subject: SGC-GLK and include your name, number, social media,  a professional headshot, and the character you have interest in casting for. If selected within 48 hours you will receive the slides for the character and send in your video audition before the submission deadline. Please ensure your video and audio are clear.

If you share interest in being a background actor please e-mail casting@thequeennetwork.com with the subject: SGC-BA and include your name, social media, a headshot and full body image to be considered.

We are also looking for camera operators,wardrobe stylist, hair stylist, make up artist, production assistants, boom/sound operator and behind the scenes photographers. If you wish to work on this project please e-mail contact@thequeennetwork.com

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. 

Submission deadline EXTENDED July 31st @ 8pm EST.


This is non-union

This is a one-day production

Call Time 3 pm 

This project is non-pay.

Food and Beverages provided.

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