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The plan that was set for Queen started in Chicago

The plan that was set for Queen J. started in Chicago. She had a camera in her hand since she was a little girl.

Queen J. took pictures of everything, it became a hobby for her. During high school, She was not only taking pictures she was capturing video as well. Now, none of this was professional; it was all for fun. When she got into college, she was nominated as communications club president for  two years and in that position, she began to use her  skills to help others and also practice more on a professional level.

Queen J produced, directed and edited  a video newsletter for her college campus called “MCVN –  Miles College Video Newsletter “it was her first “production”. This program informed students and faculty members of upcoming events and news on campus. That’s when she discovered her love for film production, it was exciting  for her.

After graduating with her Bachelors in Electronic and Visual management at Miles College in Birmingham, AL. Queen J. gave herself a year to find a career in her field. She wanted to use her degree but she kept hearing: “She needs more experience”. A year passed and she was unsuccessful with finding a career in her field. So, Queen J.  did her research and discovered California, New York, and Atlanta was the right place to be in the film/production industry. As a recent college graduate, the only one she could afford was Atlanta. Also, she had family there. So, she packed her stuff and drove to Atlanta.

Since then, Queen J. has been creating and building her network. Queen J is a photographer, editor, videographer, cinematographer, writer, producer, director to sum it all up she’s a creator. With these skills, she plans to give opportunities to people passionate in film production and those who are tired of getting the response “you need more experience”.  The Queen Network specializes in short film, featured films, promotional ads, and commercials. The Queen Network team can write, shoot, and produce any visual you need for your business. If you already have a creative idea The Queen Network can work with that as well.

Queen J. still takes pictures as a hobby and The Queen Network gives back once a month providing her service for free to a selected business.


2011-2015 BA Degree
Miles College "Communications/Electronics & Visual Management"
2015 - Current Ma Degree
Youtube University "Female Filmmaker"



“And i feel like i have a lot of work to
do. Still, i'm a student of the film”