mariah, lady & lady #2

MARIAH walks towards the kitchen to grab a cup. LADY & LADY #2 is talking in the kitchen. LADY notices MARIAH walking in the direction of the cups.

LADY cuts MARIAH off.

LADY (attitude and stern)

This is my cup. 

Lady walks away and head towards back to LADY #2

Mariah ignores her attitude and grabs two cups for her and her homegirl. 

LADY #2 (sarcastically)

Why are you always so nice?

LADY #2 walks to MARIAH and compliments her earrings. 


Those are some nice earrings. Where did you get them from?


I made them from my online store. 

They’re light too. 

LADY #2 pulls out her phone

What’s your website i’m going to have to get me some?



If you in the area, you can just tell me which ones you want and I can deliver them to you.

LADY walks over with her cup and sips her drink. 


Why you over here talking her ear off?

LADY #2 

I’m not. I like her earrings so I told her. 

MARIAH tells her thank you and gives LADY #2 her number and walks away.

Later we see all the ladies enjoying themselves and dancing