NYA is in her bedroom closet trying to put her outfit together for tonight, from her earrings to her shoes. She places her shirt with her pants. Next, She grabs two different bracelets to see which one looks better.  She places one of the bracelets next to her outfit.


I’m not sure which one looks better.

Nya is tilting her head as if it is giving her a different angle of the outfit.

She moves the bracelet away from the clothes.



Hmmm…Maybe none at all. 


She places the bracelet toward the clothes

She is noticing this is taking longer than expected and makes a decison.


ummmm. bracelet it is. 

Nya has her outfit together and is happy with the outcome. 

TERRY, Nya’s friend knocks on her door. NYA is expecting her and let her in. TERRY is happy to see her friend looking nice.



NYA! You put that together real nice!


Thanks Terry! It took me a minute but, I’m happy it came together. 

Im almost ready.


NYA is putting on her shoes and they head out.