shannon and jestin slides

Shannon fabulously dressed for the house party begins to walk towards the door with her two homegirls. They enter the party and are greeted by an attractive male. 


Well, what’s going on ladies?

He leans in to give the ladies a hug and trying to be careful.

JESTIN (continues)

Ohhh I don’t want to mess up ya’ll makeup 


You can’t mess up my makeup sweetheart.

They release from the hug and is ready to party


Where are the cupst? What we drinking tonight?

JESTIN begins to point

We have the the homemade punch over there, I made of course.

brown in the kitchen and white behind the bar. 

What ya’ll want?


Whatever she had 

and points at the birthday girl 

They all laugh. 

Jestin pours the ladies  a cup. Everyone is enjoying themselves and dancing